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What does Coffee Crafters do?

Coffee Crafters is a social enterprise focused on fighting recidivism with job readiness skills and wrap around services. These hard and soft skills are developed in prison Cafés, where inmates preparing for reentry work as baristas and grow as people.  

Why coffee?

Coffee consumption is universal and the coffee industry is responsible for more than 1.6 million jobs in the United States economy. If we can tap into even a small portion of that massive segment of the economy, this provides us with an great opportunity to connect our Graduates with meaningful employment. We also found that the coffee industry gives us the opportunity to teach our Graduates some of the more transferable skills that they can be used in any industry.

How long has Coffee Crafters been around?

Coffee Crafters was founded in 2013.

Is Coffee Crafters a non-profit organization?

Coffee Crafters is not a non-profit organization.  Rather, it is a social enterprise, looking to use the commercial gains of coffee services to maximize their social impact.

Is Coffee Crafters a faith-based organization?

Yes, we are. 




How successful is your program at keeping people from re-entering prison?

Coffee Crafters Academy boast a less than 5% recidivism rate within one year of graduates reentry (national average is 43%).

How do you decide who is accepted as a Trainee? 

Before inmates are accepted as Trainees, they must first submit an application along with recommendations from staff. Once all applications are received, prison administration trims down the list so that the best candidates are left for one on one interviews. 

What do you teach in your Barista 101 Training? Trainees are taken through Tristan Stephenson's book "The Curious Barista's Guide to Coffee" . Along with this book and supplemental resources, each trainee learns about the harvesting, processing, roasting, and brewing of coffee. This is in addition to becoming ServSafe Level 1 certified as a preliminary requirement before serving as a Coffee Crafters Academy Barista. 

What types of services are provided to Coffee Crafters Graduates?

Through our relationship with NISRE Inc. and our various community partnerships, Coffee Crafters can help Graduates receive services in the areas of transportation, job placement, housing, food & clothing supplies, accountability groups, and a myriad of other social services.   




What is the difference between jail and prison?

Jails are short-term holding facilities for the newly arrested and those awaiting trial or sentencing. Prisons are longer-term holding facilities for convicted offenders. 

How is recidivism rate measured?

The National Institute for Justice measures recidivism by criminal acts that result in the rearrest, re-conviction or the return to prison, during the three year period following a prisoner's release. 

What are wraparound services?

These are the services that are offered to at-risk reentering individuals to help in the reentry and transformation process. These services are individualized and community based. 


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